INSTRUCTOR - Lilliam  Saldoriga

Classes begin September 9th.

All drumming classes are $10.00 per class. Students will bring doumbek or drum and are welcome to tape class. This class consists of 40% teaching instruction, 60% practice by students.

Wednesday - 6pm to 7pm - Basic Doumbek

There are a total of 27 rhythms. This class includes the most used rhythms.

Thursdays - 6pm to 7pm - Intermediate Doumbek
Students will learn the variations of the basic rhythms taught in the basic class.

Once students know certain rhythms, the instructor will invite students to play in belly dance classes.

Middle Eastern Drumming Lessons

Dance Lessons

INSTRUCTOR - Debbie Snyder

Classes begin September 8th. All dance classes are $10.00 per class.

Mondays - 6pm to 7pm - "We Got Rhythm" Musical Theatre Class

Offers basic jazz/musical theatre movement to enhance any performance. Great class for actors and singers.

Tuesdays - 6pm to 7pm - Belly Dance Basics
This class is designed to introduce the basic techniques and musical rhythms for the art of belly dance technique and drills. For beginning to intermediate levels.

Saturdays - 11am to Noon - Beginning Belly Dance
This class is designed to strength belly dance techniques and to introduce choreography and floor patterns.

Saturdays - Noon to 1:30pm - Troupe Performance

By invitation only. Must have at least three years of belly dance technique.

Saturdays - 2pm to 3pm - Belly Dance Props

Introduces techniques used for the basic props of belly dance: Veil (September), Zills (October), Sword (November), and Cane (January 2016).

Saturdays - 3pm to 4pm - Adult Beginning Tap

Learn the techniques of Broadway-style tap dancing.

*(No classes in December)

With more than 30 years of experience as award-winning voice and acting instructors, Jimmy Ferraro and Dee Etta Rowe are motivated by their love of music and theatre.

They have great passion to give their expertise, knowledge, and skills to others, allowing the student's creativity and talent to shine.

They believe that voice and acting instruction should be enjoyable, built on a solid foundation, to inspire creativity and to match each individual's goals.

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Private Voice & Acting Lessons

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